Showdown at old corollan

Can someone please tell me how to complete the Battle 4 of showdown at old corollan. I have spent around 50 tickets just in a hope of getting two gems but this event never gets completed. need help…

Damn…50 tickets!
@Reigen hit him with ur Link :slight_smile:

@FrozenFlame Try this

Tho Some changes hv occurred since Aegis 2nd form nerf, pls let me know if this didn’t work : )

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Sorry to say but this did not worked

I can assure you,it works(I tried again)
The only change made was Aegis form change…
Make sure 2 enemies have kills & remove stealth before slayerbane all.

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@Reigen thanks a lot i finally completed the battle :innocent: can you please show me how to complete battle 5…

Ah noice
Here ya go

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@Reigen Wow completed in a single trial now can you please complete the last wish of your fan i.e. the final battle of old corrolan ( the godfeather easily wins the game but the real problem is with penguinator ) and thanks once again I could never complete the battles if you were not there to help me…

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Aw tnx, my pleasure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I don’t hv it uploaded unfortunately, I’ll try it & maybe upload in a while.
Edit : Here ya go mate

Personally i felt Godfeather one to be harder, anyway hope this helps.