Show the rolling count

Hi devs can you please show the rolling counts so that I can figure out how many time I roll for 10 eggs and how much I need to get a guarantee legend… At least show me the counter that shows how many rolls left to get a guaranteed legends like every 6 so after I roll two times show me 4 so I can get idea that 4th is my guaranteed roll so I can save it for best legends that I want

6th pack is guaranteed but Christmas egg not have that chance

Ohh that’s bad… But at least show the rolling count that will be helpful… So I can roll better

Can you not count to six? Besides you can keep track by looking at your rare gem amount

No I can’t count because their is more than year to play this game and rare gems can also get by events… So I lost track and many others too

Lol bro i think you got it in a wrong way

There is guaranteed legend on 6th pack in a banner

You have to do 6 packs again on next egg for feature legend.if your luck is great you can get him before 6th

There is a pack rolling count

Where? can you show a screen shot it would be helpful

Below the festival banner it shows you how many packs youve rolled. E.g mine shows i rolled 2

Omg I always thought that 6 rolls means it counts all rolls that I did previously but now It seems it counted specifically for that particular event. That was quite unfair… Anyone knows about it or can explain something more about it?

Yeah its always per event, thats why its alway recomended you save 300 gems for big festivals if youre new to the game, since they ussually have gauranteed legends. It doesnt carry over to the next event. Sorry to hear you got caught out by this.

Don’t know that we’re getting guarantees for a while.

Thats true, not sure if this is a once off thing that theyve done or how they plan to continue from now on. Still incase there are gauranteed still in the mix its good for him to know this

Now I got you… I take it seriously a really wrong way just because I got null on my 6th pack so I co relate it with feature legend… It seems I was quite in luck at that time

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