Should I replace crisombeast

so I hatched two ledendary a while ago hollowscrop and whitetitan but whitetitan (crisom beast) is quite weak sooo I was wondering if I should replace him or not this is my team

bonus question why is there a cake in my name who put it there

becaue you joined the forum this day


and sorry my net is too trash to load the image right now

No worrys

Whitetitan is mostly used for its Secret Skill. You want to Stun the enemy team after 10 seconds from the start of the match? Just use Whitetitan’s Secret Skill while having a Stunning/Shocking Entrance monster in 5th. The look on the CPU’s face will be priceless!

This also applies to all other Entrance effects (apart from the ones that have a start-of-battle restriction).

Not to mention it has True Hit, so you can get a quick kill if the opponent is boastful enough to run a dirty protector :nauseated_face:

Also happy cake day