Should I fuse level 99 Glazio and lvl50 soltusk?

Should I fuse level 99 Glazio and lvl50 soltusk to get a dreadwolf or should I keep them separate and level my soltusk to lvl99?

Fuse them now and then train it to 99 ( If u didn’t got necrodrake yet ) Else train the soltusk first and then fuse it

What is a necrodrake

The reward for getting 30 arkadions to 99 lol

if you are gonna fuse them anyway, its easier to fuse, then level it. now you need 50 levels, if you fuse it’ll become 74 or 75, so you basicly half the levels you need to train it.

in which way does necrodrake take part in the decision if u fuse two arks and when? O.o

Well if he trains them both to lvl 99 then thats one more ark to lvl 99 and when he fuses them its auto 99 so he ends up getting the bonus of 2 arks to lvl 99 so honestly its worth training them both to me