Share your PvP team and win rate


Or just don’t run stun, or if you do, only malwing becase that owl will put valza to sleep


Oh yea. I forgot that stun is what makes dual poison touch and confident strike so powerful


@Woodward it’s because he uses Galvbane in the FL

You guys might think my advice is repetitive but @measy ‘s results don’t lie :wink:


I’m exhausted. I just wanted the 150 wins. Now I can relax, because to be frank the majority of teams I’m facing now slaughter me.

My team has changed so many times, that’s part of the problem. I need a team with better synergy. I’m to tired to evolve Mechaviathan at the moment…


Whats your IGN? If we meet I’ll give you the win


Thanks for the kind offer much appreciated but it would feel empty getting a free victory, plus I’m happy with getting the 150 wins. Tired but content.

My IGN is Saitama BTW.


Congrats on 150 man. But the way they have thr RP set there’s no shame in friends giving friends RP.


Giving me a free win will effect your ranking when it’s revealed in the future. I believe they are using the current battles we are having to calculate our rank behind the scenes. We all have a ranking right now but it’s just not public info until the 19th…


Bro I’m so bad i don’t care about my ranking.


Update: managed to Win 100x
Increased winrate to about 55%
Changed nothing in FL but Searguard with chrono Killer and roaring entrance helps a lot to kill all the FL give turners or TT…
Added SE Viridizardon in midgame for more defense and Support and my New Grovodeus and unevolved Nightlord in last quarter of team. I still have to try around with them


Great work there measy :slight_smile: Grovodeus can be a hard one to get right, good luck with it.


Thank killerdog and all you guys :blush:

My New ones are nightlord, grovodeus and cryokaizer. At the moment my Team cost are too low so i only Play with 5 legs in Team. I tested that cryokaizer. In current Team it Would help in endgame if i Play with other water types like Wolf etc. because of his cloning, spamming stun rage and Element heal… but I thougt about protecting rexo, timberlord and the others Would be more necessary so i test grovodeus now
Hope to get some more legendaries on anniversary… something like terragar Would be awesome to create a throw/ earth element midgame. But every good sweeper or stun converter Would be great too…
Im confident that my Team will completely Different in next pvp event


I’m still testing different teams but those battles have been with a Nulltron, Tygo, Drako & Mecha FL

I’m not sure if any of those wins are against good players, I did have a good battle in that last one though against RAFNiteKrawler