Server D0wn

The server is really down. 2x disconnect at pvp

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Why did you people flag my post complimenting @KLF_LE0NARD0’s glorious mustache.

You people are a bunch of squares


Am I wrong when making a post?

No that’s fine. I didn’t face the issue tbh

At the beginning the game was Disconnect, when connecting again but the battle was over. I use wifi.

I often do that

I find mobile connection is more reliable than wifi.

Yes, I know. But my cellphone is 3g not 4g

@KLF_LE0NARD0 why did you change your profile picture on the forum. That was a great mustache.

Also I don’t think the servers are down anymore, so this post is technically on topic, don’t @ me

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This happened to me as well whenever my wifi is unstable. And because my phone (samsung galaxy s8) is not always fast enough with loading the game I cant reconnect to the game I have been disconnected to. Happened in the past a lot - especially then in the case you are winning, it is frustrating. The issue in this case are not the servers. It’s the unstable wifi. Btw I have experienced as well better connection with mobile internet compared to wifi