Secret skill alterations


So it’s killer whale, ?
Whalelust then,




Whale lust… :joy::joy::joy: so many things i can’t say on forums


Stfu I know what you getting at !!


Polareon Buff Idea:

Change megaflux to finishing snap

Leave everything else the same

Boom, you can now use it in PVP and PVE :ok_hand:


Finishing snap on pol would be insane


Change dreamy to tranquilising entrance as well. Now it’ll be :ok_hand: for pvp.

It’s not OP because it doesn’t have blowback. It’s also “countered” by purify…


Also bloodcrave makes it so it can’t sweep a whole team @TheGreatest @Gyappo


Finishing snap makes so much sense on it. I love the idea!


While this might be a tiny bit strong, what about changing Serapheon’s SS so it also gives Roaring Entrance to the monster it brings out, allowing it to bring mons like Geartyrant immediately and bypass their Low speed or Capitalize off of certain entrances like Bane and Polareon? It would definitely bumped up to 16 cost to compensate, though. Might be tooo broken, but it’s an idea.


Fixed that :slight_smile:


Imagine roaring roaring peng or tt :ok_hand:t2::joy:


Imba af. Don’t hire this guy for balancing :rofl:


Lol dont worry devs already have guys doing movesets and passives like he have been propose :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Sadly that steps over a line. Good to think about these things though. Serapheon’s secret skill is actually very good. Pull back is a strong skill to have and for it to be swift (50TU) as well as only adding +1 cost I think Serapheon has done well!