Second PvP Tower Event Results (Future?)

So I know that they raised amount of people who were accepted into the top 2 and 3 reward tiers which I feel was needed. With the data gathered from this tower event they will have enough information to know what numbers they want to put next time and which direction they would like to shift their rewards to.

Stage 60 was where you got the monster and where the cut off happened to fall for the third tier reward; with few stage 59 people getting it depending on how they calculate with the stage number, meanwhile roughly 400 people got stuck at 59. If we look at all the people who managed to get passed stage 59 and express them as one total, of that total an equivalent of 30% had fallen short 1 stage of the goal. In less confusing terms if stage 59 was the monster instead of 60, there would be 30% more people with the super epic monster. I feel like for a large number of people such as 400 to come so far and not get the reward

With that being said it doesn’t make much sense to me that the third tier cutoff be stage 60, I would think it to be either be either higher or lower.

Higher if they want the people to feel they have accomplished a greater task and deserve to have 3-4% cooldown reduction on their monsters moves.

Lower if they feel they want to give people who could only get to stage 50~ the monster anyway since they came so far, giving them the opportunity to get close enough to 60 and still receive the monster even though they didn’t make it. It would be interesting to see how many people actually participated in the event actively and still failed to make it to 60, like analyzing what number of people were on what stage to identify where problems or “unfairness” was happening for them.

What they choose to do in the next tournament is their prerogative, although I just feel like it would be nice to get an official stance on their goals behind the 3rd place tier and where they are trying to set it at ideally.

The top 700 for second place was pretty easy for anyone who has been playing for a few weeks to obtain if they used all their energy. The top 50 was way too highly contested to push to as a free to play player, my friend gave up a day early because there was just no point anymore in pushing further.

My Data


50 2371 (with just a last biter, no other 4+ stars (outside 3.5 starter), level 10-12 account only having done the first 2 islands and losing out on attempts every night (sleep) because of the limited 18 energy) (mostly last bite micro management <_< I liked to think of it as bowling, trying to use the biter to knock down 10 pins)

59 1805 (this number was 10 minutes before the event ended so it is a very close approximation)

60 1380  (this was my friend who just started playing a day before the event and used all his free gems on summons to do this, against my better judgement and rolled 2 legendary duplicates of the one he started with–that I gave him)

76 548 (this was the friend who started playing 3 weeks ago. He just gave up because he didn’t feel the need to push anymore, even though there was a gem in 3 floors)

83  299 (this was my final rank in the tower, I have been playing for 40 days now. Even I have to admit this time I slept through some and missed some energy moments and lost a hand full of times.

Last tournament I was at top 300. This time I was at 4000. Lol shows that this game got boring for me.

I stopped at 79 for the gem and got 422. I lost a couple of times in the late 70s, though. My sleep team based around soulstealer started to become really ineffective as they’d kill off my sleep bomber in one hit. I tried a poison team but it took 3 poison massacres to take down a mon and survivor wasn’t OHKO either. I could probably have gone another 20 or so stages with a bit of thought but there wasn’t really any incentive.

lol Tidus we on the same boat,  I stopped at floor 79 because gem and I also used my SoulStealer based team for some matches lol

I stopped at floor 137 when a legendary required multiple hits to take out a rockoid.

The ultimate defender Rockroid, it’s a rock on steroids

Stopped at 103 just wanted to crawl back on to the top 100 so I could see my name lol jk the battles got too long. Didn’t want to waste time.