Seasons greetings

Hey guys, my names lethalmilk. I’ve been playing HI for weeks now and am enjoying it. I’ve been snooping around the forums for a week now and thought about creating this account to join the community.

So… yeah, hello and happy holidays.

Who said you were allowed to be so nice around here?
Who told yas? Huh? Cmon, i want his name.

Hello and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Ur name sounds like the Milk has found his expire date lol,
But anyways welcome to the forums

Well my mother always told me to play nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways thnx for the replies guys and as for how i got my name, there’s a story that goes along with it but maybe I’ll talk about it some other time.

Welcome to the forums, Lethalmilk! I’m glad you’re enjoying HI! ^7^

I love your name, too. Haha ^^

Welcome to the forums.

hope to see u around

Hope you enjoy your stay here

Thnx for the replies kook and mason.