Hi everybody!


Thought i’d drop in and say hello! Loving Hunter Island at the minute! Best ios game to date, so I wanted to swing by and check out the forums. 

I’m a big fan of games, art, drums and beer, but I’m terrible at introductions.

So yeah…

Welcome to HI.

Hello and welcome! :slight_smile: Great to have you with us. 

Welcome and don’t forget to tell all ur friends about HI!

welcome enjoy your stay :smiley:

Thanks Guys!
I really can’t put HI down at the minute, been playing about a week, and totally hooked. I have been telling my gamer friends! I am pretty sure I am responsible for at least three downloads B)   (including mine)

Haha, awesome! Thanks for recommending HI and welcome to the forums!

Nice interests, too. Do you play the drums and do art or is it just something you’re fond of?

Welcome to the family.

Welcome to the forums hope u enjoy your stay. I hope to see u around.