Sea Serpent or hydra thingy

Yeah, we have Esapid. But we don’t have a sea serpent monster, hmm? I mean…Zephys has Typhonwyrm to go with it…Vulcarex has Vulcaraptor to go with it…Dahag and Skullrex…Arborus and Mossgolem…blah, blah, blah.

Proven wrong by KiltedCobra…


we need a counterpart for hydrablazer. We’ve got Typhonwyrm and magmawyrm…destructor and guardiron…volcawolf and vegitiger…fireheart and coldheart…shadowlance and luxknight…subzeratops and goldenhorn…etc.

So yeah…big awesome sea serpent please.

Here are my ideas…make it a 11* to make it sort of like Hydrablazer’s counterpart. That’d be sweet. Maybe a fusion between the two for a 12* serpent, hydra-thingy monster? I’d like that.

stats similar to hydrablazer ofc.



Constrict - paralyzes one foe for 200TU, costs 150TU. Increases damage taken from enemies by 10% (cuz that seems logical, and prevents OP like stego)

Hydrafreeze - AoE, 1000 damage to all, slows enemies 45%. 200TU

Tidal Wave - AoE, 2000 damage to all, 250 TU

Hydraburst - one target, 2250 damage, +50% when Hydrablazer is out.

Also, I did mention that at least one move of Hydrablazers needs to be changed in order to balance things out. After all, it does suck for a 11*

So, for Hydrablazers moves…

Hydraburst - same as above, but boosts when hydroserpent is out.

Hydraburn - AoE, 1000 damage to all, burns enemies for a total of 1000 damage over 200 TU, costs 250 TU

Chain fang - same as right now.

Fiery Passion (or Flaming Spirit) - passive, increases power of fire monsters by 7.5 or 10%.

Leviathan? Does he not get any love?

Actually, I’d like to see another evolution of Leviathan now that I think of it…

Those would look cool yes! I support this idea

Oh yeee…but I still would like a Hydrablazer counterpart :stuck_out_tongue:

fixed the first post.

But maybe something like an Undine ? A water spirit ?

Idk, sure…if that’s what they want…tbh I just want an ice/water version of hydrablazer…and I think the people would too. It’s also a great way to rebalance Hydrablazer. It needs adjustments, as several of us have agreed to…

Whats a hydrablazer :$?

…umm…banner below. monster that’s on fire.

11 stars. sucks horribly from what I can tell. Every time I battle it, it’s basically “HA! DENIED, YOU STUPID FIRESNAKE!”

It looks very cool tough 

True, but it’s not a very good monster. This idea could change that :smiley:

Why not make one with all elements ? ( the 4 normal elements )

He has four heads so why not make it Ice, Earth, Fire and Lightning? One head per element? That would be awesome :smiley:

Maybe do that with the 12 star fusion?

Hydrablazer, Hydroserpent, Hydrasmasher, Hydraflyer

Just like the idea behind Omegawyrm


I like this idea a lot!

Yaaay, 3/3 people like it. Whoo :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I like it yes but even if everybody likes it its no guarantee they will make it :frowning:

Tib, now 4/4 people like it.

Awww thanks man <3

I like it to