Rexotyrant or Kamishogun?

Been running Rexo for awhile but recently acquired Kamishogun. I see the advantages of Kami being Sleep Immune and being able to deal with Sanctistag with its SS, but now that AP has been nerfed, do you think it’s better to go with Tyrant in relevance to the new Poison support mons (him being Poison Immune) and his ability to deal with GT, or with Kamishogun for the Sleep Immunity and Sleep Killer aspect?

Well depends on team ,I have kami and run him fl with oni bunkerbeast and blue flutterdrake

I agree on the team aspect, just asking more in a general disposition of what whether Sanctistag AP will still be prevalent this coming PVP season as Rexo currently works better with my lineup, but for PVP I am tinkering with builds and am trying to decide between Kami and Rexo for a new spot where either will work well depending on the opponents line. Obviously this is all speculation and heavily dependant on the opponent, but with AP nerf I dont know if it will benefit more to run Kami as Sanctistag was the main draw for me to run him over Rexo.

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