Restoring all purchased gold for a new game.

Ok. Idk if anyone else noticed this about DIB, but I realized that if you have purchased any gold from DIB and spend it all. Then start a new game all of the gold you previously purchased is automatically on the new game. So if you put like $80-$100 in a single game like I’ve done, you can still use that gold in a new game. That’s how I always got every single dragon fusion on DIB. But sadly I noticed this doesn’t happen on HI. I think this was a great feature of DIB that allows players a way to start the game off with a lot of gold to help them get all starters or dragons early in the game, which in my opinion makes the game way more fulfilling and rewarding.

They had that feature on DIB cause it was single player. If they did this on HI where it has pvp, people get a lot of chances to get egg only arks and such. Making that unfair.

Yeah sorta like timing eggs… ; )

You can make it so that all PURCHASED gold can be transferred to a new save.

So for example, you have save A and save B.

You have 2000 FREE gold from the storyline on Save A. You decide to buy 2000 gold. So now you have 4000 gold in total.

Say you spend 300 of that gold on a gold egg. Now you have 3700 gold.

Then you start a new savefile ( save B ). There is an option to transfer 1700 gold over to save B. Why not all 3700? Why not 4000? Why not 2000?

  • 3700 includes free gold. this can be easily abused.

  • 4000 also includes free gold.

  • 2000 includes that 300 gold you already spent. This can be abused as well.

I don’t know if this is possible, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

How do you know for certain that the 2000 gold included the 300 that you spent. I could have spent it with the free gold


You have 2000 FREE gold from the storyline on Save A. You decide to buy 2000 gold. So now you have 4000 gold in total.

Say you spend 300 of that gold on a gold egg. Now you have 3700 gold.


In that example, timestamp thought process should get you here…

Free gold should be used up first so.

1. 2000 free gold

2. then you purchase 2000

3. total = 4000

4. spend 300 on an egg (free gold should be used first)

5. leaving you with 3700

6. if transefer was possible when you do move purchased gold, the 2000 bought gold should move

7. leaving only the 1700 intact on account A.

8. while the 2000 you bought moves to account B.

Just my personal thought.

The reason why I’m not sure if this/that would work is because I don’t know if there’s a way to differentiate between free gold and bought gold. In my example, instead of using free gold first, the game took away the bought gold.

I’m confused. How can it take away bought gold first and  yet not differentiate between bought and free gold?

I mean, my suggestion will only work if there WAS a way to differentiate, but I don’t know if there actually is or not. But in case there was, I thought it would be a pretty nice feature to have.

Alternatively there can be a dialogue box that says something like: “CAUTION: Gold purchased in this save file is unable to be used in other save files.” so it won’t be a disappointment or a shocker to some people.

All they have to do us look at your purchase history on your apple acct. to find out how much gold you bought. And I’m not talking about “transferring” gold between accounts, I’m talking about starting a new game with the gold you have already purchased.

  1. I start my very first game with 0 gold purchased.
  2. After a couple weeks I have completed the game and have purchased about 4000 gold during gameplay. I also SPENT all of it.
  3. I start a new game in file 2. When I start the game I get to start off with 4000 gold because that is the amount I purchased.

Soon after making this thread I noticed that if you have multiple save files and you purchase gold on any one of your files, the gold gets added to your other files as well. I think this is Zig.Zag’s. compromise, which is fair because I do think the devs need a good source of income and to keep people from “redeeming” gold is a great way to keep players buying, but still, I would like the option to start a new game+ which might let me start a game with all of my purchased gold and maybe like 3 rare arkadions I caught on another file. Idk, all I know is I absolutely love HI and DIB and am eagerly awaiting what comes next!!
And free gold is irrelevant. No matter what, every player is going to have the same amount of free gold on every file played so the gold is pretty much like the starting point of the bar. Anything above the bar is purchased gold. I’m only talking about PURCHASED gold… Idk where you got the free gold from…
BTW, here’s a way to calculate the amount of gold purchased. Find the total amout of free gold in the game. (A) find the total amount of gold acquired in the game, either bought or obtained through free gameplay.(B) then to find out the amount purchased © subtract A from B and you get C. Either way, I’m sure the DEVS have a way of keeping track of purchased gold, as they did a good job at it in DIB.

I disagree

With the multiplayer section, giving you 4k right off the bat on a new save file would compound the current problems we have with PVP

It was one thing when it was all self contained in DIB but in HI? It would cause much rage quitting, especially with those who can’t time eggs and get nothing for their troubles