Money Not Transferable to new saved data

Just bought $20 worth of gold. Was wondering why it doesn’t go onto your new saved file on same iphone. Dragon Island was able to work like this

Because it would be unfair because you would have a better chance of getting monsters or getting throught start of game fast

in DIB it worked because there is no pvp. here it would be way too much of and advantage

It would indeed be a huge disadvantage if u could use it twice… 

Agreed with the above replies it would be unfair and this can be abuse if you got money to spend lol

How would it be a disadvantage if you used the gold twice? You’re using it to twice yes but on two different save slots with no way of transferring monster’s between the two without (all hackers will be banned from PvP in the next update. Sincerely, Admin)

Whichever save file has the best monsters u can use and learn how to time eggs