Reroll advise

Hi guys, Im new to the game and Im rerolling right Now. I just got an account with cybereon pre evolution and I was wandering if I should keep it or continue to reroll. Thank you for your help

Keep rolling prob.

It is the best I’ve found so far, is there any giveaway rerolls in this forum?

If you get a legendary you should pretty much stick. There aren’t any special, unique legendaries you can get from that first egg… they’ll all be ones in the normal egg pools (i.e. available from every egg you open - not strictly true but basically it).

There are only a small number of legendaries you might get from that which you don’t want to stick with. One that comes to mind is Burnsalot (cue Zardecil coming to tell me off for saying it). For others I recommend you check out the “tier list” thread on this forum which you can find from a quick search. Just take a look at the bottom tiers for General and PvP to see which legendaries don’t have much use in the end-game. However, bear in mind that when you’re new you can make use of all of them… it’s just later on where some get outclassed.

tl;dr Don’t stress over it. If you really want a legendary to start with then go for it and stick with whichever you get. Cybereon would’ve been amazing!

Idk I got Valza as my first and it was beastly.

If you draw valza, a sleeper, bane, drako, gear, oak, a TK you’ll be leagues aheadScreenshot_20181015-225639_Neo%20Monsters

Thank you very much guys I Will stick with this account and hope to pull good stuff on 3d anny. The one I was rerolling for is ultimadragon which is a beast, really enjoy the design of that monster! Hopefully I Will pull it in the

I still don’t get your saying that burns is bad.

You hatch him early you have a healing beast that one-shots everything.

Just because there are better monsters doesn’t mean burns is a bad one to start with.