Regalion needs a bit of love.

So, after playing with regalion for ages(meaning doing everything I can to make the monster work), it’s not very good at it’s job.

So, the idea behind the monster is this:

-Seal turns the field into a 3v3.
-Hopefully the enemy has anything with give turn or team turn, and prevents entrance control monsters.
-This turns the field into a 3v2 or 3v1 hopefully and then you can sweep them because their monster are useless.

Unfortunately there are a couple issues here.

  1. Timestrike/double timestrike exists. So you seal something and then it gets either killed, killed to charge a move, or you simply lost 2 monsters for running regalion in your team over simply using a chrono killer monster.
  2. If it dies, then all the stalling that happened when he was on the field gets released in a burst. So stuff like that TT monster that was doing nothing for a time gets released and then they end up sweeping your team out from under you.
  3. The above issue would be fine normally, but the reason I mention that reason specifically is because it’s combined with the fact that regalion dies to pretty much a sneeze, meaning that running regalion, and making a regalion based team essentially just hands the initiative to the opponent, as you aren’t running give turn monsters and they are, so running regalion actually gives the enemy team the advantage as they just kill regalion when it’s convenient.
  4. You can’t easily control how long regalion will stay on the field. This means that you can’t run TT monsters with it reliably. TT monsters are arguably the best monsters in the game. So then the question becomes. Do I run a TT, or do I run regalion. Currently, the answer to just run TT monsters, even though regalion is supposed to counter them and provide more value when you face them.
  5. Regalion being really easily both killable and stunnable means that the opponent simply kills him when convenient.

So there are a bunch of issues. Here’s what I propose for changes:

  1. Reduce seal TU to about 50. Stun pulse does 200 for 50 seconds, taking an opponent’s monster out of the game for a while. Seal takes 1 opponent, and regalion off the field. The issue with this is that regalion desperately needs to be on the field in order to be able to survive(through not being timestrikeable).
  2. Regalion needs to be harder to kill. The stat line it currently has makes sense, but it is currently not enough. It needs a defensive move that it can use in order to stay alive while it stalls for time. It needs something like shield self for an active. I suggest replacing 400 second megabomb with it. 400 second megabomb doesn’t fit the monster very well as if you can’t live that long then why have the move at all? Alongside of this, it’s a bit awkward for teambuilding because if you run regalion, then you’re going to build your team to make use of it, aka abstaining from give turns. You’re not going to want it to be leaving the field any time soon.

These two changes should make the monster a lot more usable and should allow the player that is actually using the monster to decide when and where the monster will leave the field, rather than their opponent.

@Dev_VKC Think about this would you?


When will he be available again? Id love him. He would be dope with a good gear setup imo

No double repulse from geartyrant.
No way to set up death sentence.

Gravity field and time freeze apply to your team too.

Problem are the high tu and that he is stunnable… so its easy to kill

Exactly, so if we buffed him in this way then he would be able to do his job better.

Nah here’s the concept. Gear, Remus, protection, backstab. Switch friend in 5th. Iion in last. It’s theoretically awesome but In pvp is basically impossible to set up. It’s really to stop gear getting kb in uc and killing 1 off at a time

Then again doll penguini does as good a job and has hg

Then you have a remus in your frontline that you can’t get rid of, and all if can do is assisted stone.

Anyway, the thread is a proposal as to why and how we should buff regalion.

Cough backstab cough. which can also deal with itself

oh sorry, I figured the backstab backstabbed itself lol what was I thinking.

I agree. I have regalion too and even with my link holy team he’s useless.

50 tu 200 stun
300 tu 300 stun I think is stupid so I agree

The double survivor 400 ms bomb is an oxymoronic combo. As soon as u get double survivor you also have the bomb. I would say choose one or the other. Like zardecil said, I would rather take the bomb out for a support move. Maybe link shield like the penguin.

Zardecil this is a great summary of Regalion! I agree it just doesn’t work as well as you’d hope with its design. In certain situations it can be the harshest counter to the enemy team and in the front line it can do a good job of shutting down some strategies but too often it doesn’t do much and hands control to the opponent.

The only bit I disagree with slightly is how it is “easy to kill”. It has very good defence, reasonable health and no weakness other than stun killer. However, the issue is that it can be swept in one attack (no HG or shield) and it can be disabled with sleep or stun… hence there are many ways of dealing with it despite the high defence and at the right time for you to suddenly do a TT or something else Regalion restricts.

I love the design and Seal making it 3v3 is great but it’s too unreliable for this, often you can’t use the stun or it won’t have much impact on the game. This is one of the big issues in my opinion.

I totally agree with what you say Zardecil about how it needs more in the way of survival and targeting either double survivor or megabomb is the way to do it (having both is a little unnecessary).

Here’s what I’d propose (all of these, not just one):

  • Change seal TU from 300 -> 70.
  • Change double survivor to stealth shield self (130TU). This adds stealth and a shield to itself, removing poison first.
  • Change 400s megabomb to 400s novablast.

This way it will be able to survive on the field brilliantly but not have the powerful damage potential until novablast. Having both a defence skill like protect self and double survivor will be too much I feel. This change I propose helps Regalion do what it was built to do better.

I was wondering about giving it link shield ally too. It would be nice for it to offer defence to your team and not just itself, as I suggested, but it already has so much to offer in terms of support. The big problem with link shield ally would be the limiting of Regalion to link holy teams. That would greatly restrict its uses in a horrible way. You already have to build around Regalion if you’re using it.

It dies to a single poison eater pretty reliably I have found, that’s what I define to be easy to kill.

Glad you agree with my thoughts though.

For double survivor vs megabomb, I feel like if you’re making a team around regalion, then you really don’t want to remove it from the field, meaning you don’t want to be megabombing with it. Also keep in mind double survivor has to be used twice in order to do the same amount of damage that a megabomb does.

I’d say if we want to keep the bomb, then at least make it be novablast.

Either your set of changes or my set of changes, I would be happier with though, as then the secret skill would make sense as well.

Novablast is a good idea. I’ll adjust my post above to include that change. It leaves Regalion with almost no damage potential after using it but the kills you got with it plus the support its still offering with its passives is probably doing so much.

If it lived that long then you probably won.

Yes i agree. I also have regalion, and while he aeems good on papers - he doesnt made the impact he had the potential to. Its just a monster with awesome passives and a weak unfitting moveset. I would go for a more support build:

  • 300 tu seal into around 70 is a must imo.
  • change double survivor to a supportive move, like purifying mist or shield friend.
  • Move the swift accalarate SS to a normal accalarate move instead of megabomb.
  • make his SS nova blast.

Well considering he provides a TON of support already, I don’t think he needs another move like that.

Swift accelerate SS is one where you can opt-in/out of, I don’t want a SS where it’s required to get the most out of the monster.

I don’t think that mist/shield friend is enough to keep regalion alive.

My eaters never one shot regalion except bane.

If it was a nova blast, a 70 tu seal and honestly a link drain survivor I would use it