I cannot find the gremknight recipe location anywhere

I have searched the forums and the only hint i’ve gotten is that you fight someone near arborun

Here is a great guide for recipes http://www.hunterislandforum.com/index.php/topic/1062-recipes-and-locations/

If you’ve seen that then I can only recommend going to every town up to Arborun and making sure you did all the sidequests. You definitely should be able to find it by then :slight_smile:

Thanks ill do that right now :slight_smile:

Couldnt find it :frowning:

Hmm I just recently started a new save file and I got it already. I guess now try wandering around outside of Arborun (tap every spot in the forest if you need to!) and seeing if you get into a random encounter with the NPC hunter who has it? Not really sure what the problem is here but I hope you find it!

To get the npc battle you had to trigger a chain of quests that started in maldan. I figured it out a few days ago put forgot about this post lol

Usually if people are missing Gremknight, Reijin, Barricadus, or another like that it means they missed Maldan :).