Really annoying bug!!

I kill the opponent’s last monster and it appears DEFEAT!!!

I feel your pain, and it Should be getting solved next update

I went down one league because it happened 3 times in a row, the. I got 2 wins and when i was going to get promoted it happened again!
Edit: in a row, then

Try going from master to rookie due to this and being stuck in rookie due to defeats/disconnects <<< true story… it’s being looked into as it has been stated many times, It should be resolved in the next update. Just be calm and play if you like, I still do even though I have some defeat issues and disconnect issues but i still have fun.

Since upgrading my phone i havent had this problem anymore. Thank god im slowly climbing the ranks lol

I wish i could go down a league because i cant Find Anybody in pvp


Yeah, just be patient. We all feel ya though. Sorry to hear that you’re a victim.

I hope its gonna be fixed in the next update because else the game would be very boring

It will be. It has to be. Ignoring it isn’t a very logical move, hmm? :stuck_out_tongue:

No but not everything in life is logical

When is the next update? Because everyone says everything will be fixed on the next update but the update is never released

It will be early January! I dont know the exact date or time but its in January thats for sure