Hey, I’m new to this forum. I’m buying the game tomorrow when I get paid, any suggestions for a newbie?

Get involved in the forum games, make friends, and have a blast! Welcome on board!

Welcome to the forum!  Hope to see you around!

Yup, just make yourself cozy and get involved :slight_smile: Most of all though, I hope you will feel welcome and meet some great like-minded hunters to learn tips and tricks from!

I’m over excited for payday. A new game and Friday Night Magic, what could be better?

Welcome to the Hunter Island Forums.
Hope to see u around.
Restart the start of the game till you get a dragon hatchling in a gold egg.

You play Magic?

My god I thought I was the only one here

Welcome to the forums, Dragoness! Really nice username you have there!

A lot of people already told you what I would’ve said, so yeah. ^^; But I hope you have fun here! Thank you for registering and I’m looking forward to see you around!

Yes I play magic. I’m not too competive, but I do love the game.
Edit : Something came up with my debit card, I’ll have to go to the bank when it opens, get cash, get an iTunes card THEN get the game. It better be great XD

It’s much better than “great” for me!

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. ^^

What format do you usually play?

Vintage, or commander. I am about to grow together a sliver standard.

And I got hunter island. Spent over an hour trying to get an S rank smoke pup. I love them! I have like 10…

Hello there! Welcome to HI!

Three hours of grinding, no S rank. Grrr.

Haha, I know, right? After all this time, I get S pearex but only A smokepup! Haha ;p

Good luck if you haven’t found one yet!

I got an S rank Pearez AND a smokepup!

You lucky birdy!