Rare metalos

In the prymid looking cave(azid ziggerat) I found 4 metalos in a row on floor 4 and another 1 on floor five, luck or glitch ?

Do you grow your own patch of four leaf clovers? Or maybe you have a collection of horse shoes? Or perhaps your father used to hunt rabbits for their feet? Cause thats a whole lotta luck right there.

lol nah man just trying to farm quicker

Indeed alot of luck !

Geez , Ive been wandering about for maybe 2+ hours and have yet to find one

I managed to get a B rank metallos and fused it to get an A rank Barracadus. I was very happy. I hate having to beat them.

I also have an E rank metalodius too that I have been keeping for his escape move.

yes it is hard. good luck. u will need 2, 1 for fusion and 1 for Escape.