Anyone else struggling to find a Metallo?

I’ve been through every floor of that darn pyramid well over 30 times and haven’t had one spawn for me yet. Anyone know what the spawn rate for it is? For me, it seems much more rare than things like the cherubs or nilos. Or is there any place other than the pyramid to find one? I’d much rather just a farm one tile than have to continuously trek through floor after floor of the freakin’ pyramid.

Bad luck i got a few metallos but had a really hard time with nillo and even the mushroom. the pyramid is the only place you can get it that i know of just be thorough  in your run through might of missed the one monster encounter that had him.

So apparently I just needed to make a post about this because I found one literally five minutes after I posted this. Lol. Thanks for the reply though. I also had a particularly hard time with the mushroom guy.

Probably just you and your bad luck. Metallo’s spawn rate isn’t abysmally low.

…what’s metallo again? The blob?

yep lil grey booger

So now that I got the grey lil booger I want to combine him with a blockadus, but the one I had is only a B. I want to find a better one (S or A), but I can’t remember where to find one. If I remember correctly, they’re not too rare.

HAHAHA grey lil booger? Very nice, y’all. 

Blockadus can be found in the same place as metallo. It’s also in the cave of ages, wherever that is, and west of Deucalis, on the bridge.

I went through every floor and couldn’t find one either :confused:

They’re VERY common on the bridge west to Deucalis. It’s like you can’t have a battle without at least 3 Blockadus in there. B isn’t that bad by the way. You got a guaranteed A if you get an S Blockadus which isn’t that hard at all.

yeah metallo was hard to get finally got 1 D rank  after making it to 4 armed dragon boss no chance of beating so now im collecting . i did find the S rank blockadus… alot way before metallo so i got the A rank super tank gl

Trust me, I beta tested the game and I just got metallo like two days ago and I was playing months before you guys started