Queen Karona Final Battle Blackbeast

Queen Karona - Final Battle (With BlackBeast) too easy.

Thank you so much for the video, it was really neat.

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nice. i wish i had a delugazar. i was stuck beating it with poison immune and clone monsters. sneak attack takes a lot more than one hit to kill it though.

If you don’t have bb, you can use chromezero, Midas (or any other tt), two epic give turners (one with purify) and last biter as the fifth monster to beat this boss.
If you have bb, you can replace zero with bb and remove last biter.

due to time freeze passive, TT or GT doesnt work

Confirm it yourself before saying someone is wrong.

Time freeze is only on the Black Beast fight, not the fight we’re talking about here… right?

LOL my bad. I am so sorry i thought we were talking about the BB battle. Karona was disgustingly easy