PVP seem die out? since Vortexor?

Very hard to find auto match PVP.

Wait more than 30minute without PVP player on Master league.


No one wants their front 3 knocked to the back?

This topic was already created multiple times.

Maybe this topic was started again since the previous one turned into a pinball discussion. It is obvious that a lot of players are frustrated. I now only to a couple of pvp matches a day because at the masters level the victor is usually the one with the most bonus actions.

Ahhhh ~~~~ there’s no opponents on pvp!!!
Why did everybody just suddenly stopped??
It’s not about the system right?
So it’s because of vortextor?
I guess majority of players in masters must have obtained it, so why bother so much if we both have it??

I waited forever to fight someone, and then I fought someone with a Kami and lost so I’m taking a break lol

I fought a guy with vortexor… I used end bringer an he knocked it back. But a few turns later it still died from end bringer…

 That’s interesting to know, I thought it would cancel the action.

I thought the same, yeah it happened to me too… It seems didn’t cancel the action lol…
Although I won that battle but I was indeed confused why did my arks die :stuck_out_tongue:
So would it be a good idea to use endbringer then send the fish back?

This isn’t meant to happen. Are you certain they died from Endbringer?

If they did then it’s pretty much a gamebreaking bug. It would be a guaranteed three kills.

Add Minespider to the mix and it’s effectively 15 arks against 9. You’re pretty much sure to win every game you play.

That’s probably why they were released a week apart. If you use endbringer, they have to kill it before they use send back. So you have a chance of killing Vortexor. If they use send back, then the first 3 arks will be dead soon.

This sucks! I have Vortexor and I can’t even use him :confused:

I disagree it isnt meant to happen. If the ark who casted the action is still alive, i think it should remain.

It’s already been stated that it won’t work as a strategy

So unless the Mod that stated it is wrong (not impossible but…) then it isn’t meant to happen.

Also Skullwraith has a similar move called Doom, it’s exactly the same other than it only hits one arkadian instead of all three, and it definitely doesn’t work like this. The premise is the arkadian has to be out in battle for the required time units for it to work. It would be incredibly overpowered otherwise.

I’ve been trying to recreate this using Terrorfish and Pegasion’s Sendback, and it doesn’t seem to work for me.

Either Lyrux is mistaken, or it’s pretty buggy, which again suggests that it’s a bug and it’s not meant to happen.