Pvp Monsters

Can someone list the names of the pvp monster rewards and the diamonds needed to collect them

Also can someone list whether they are good and their abilities? maybe a picture of them?


Um…why cant cant you look at the pvp reward list itself for diamonds and pics?

Slugs evolves into Naga. It has many “Bane” abilities, if memory serves. These moves allow for bonus damage against certain types. It’s alright.

Krakhan is decent. Whirlpool, plague, umm…some stuff. Standard 9+ fusions would be better.

Greenmane evolves into Greenking. It’s alright. 8.5 stars. however, if you managed to get that many diamonds, you’re probably in Expert league. greenking won’t help much in the pro leagues, as they are easy to crush. Whether it’s a Bane move, vulcawolf, golden horn, infernowyrm, magmawyrm, even a pyrowym…or anything with vengeance, showdown, throw, no guard, or last stand.

Don’t have the others yet.

one one them is stato, evolves into stratoyrm, and the tiger thingy evolves into vegitiget I think. And 7 orblings scattered around.