PVP: Emergency retreat idea

Alright, it’s time for an emergency retreat button to be added to pvp. I’m fed up with players intentionally disconnecting just to waste your time. Accept your loss and move on, it’s just a game.

I can understand in some situations where disconnecting makes sense such as sleep and stun lock scenarios. Therefore adding in an emergency retreat button, when the game recognises that the tide of the battle tends to one of the two scenarios is necessary.

For example the button would appear if all your monsters are on 200+ secs or if all your monsters are asleep. The button could also just appear throughout the whole match.

As a result of this feature being added, a punishment would need to be put in place for sore losers who intentionally disconnect. Maybe a massive loss in rating points or a pvp timeout for a certain amount of time. The downside of this is that it may also punish those with poor internet.

Just an idea. Feel free to give your opinion on it.


Dude yes. Or if you’re in a game where you can’t get a turn and can’t run. It’s more polite to run than disconnect but you can’t run a lot of the time…

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Just a run button on enemy turn as well will be awesome


Just make the run button usable during enemy turn


Well to put it simply, making the run button available all the time would also work. Pretty much what i suggested, but just the short version :sweat_smile:.

However, this might promote constant running away. Your opponent wouldn’t know if they had a chance if they run immediately. You could mess up and potentially give them the opportunity to win. I suggested the button appears in sleep and stun lock scenarios because it’s hard to mess that up.

It would be frustrating if your opponents just abruptly ended the match whenever they see something they don’t like.

A run button all the time would be great.

I still dont understand the butthurt over rage quits. I love it when someone rage quits. Seeing those animations slow and knowing you’ve won is great. So what if i have to stare at my phone for 45 seconds.

Big whoop. I won.

That said, a run button when its not your turn would obviously be better.