PvP Bug

Not sure if this a bug or not, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t. In the PvP ark line up I had a leviathan, I used that leviathan to make my angelon. When I went back to doing PvP, the leviathan was still in my ark line up for my PvP team. Is this a bug, or just normal? Oh, and I didn’t have any other leviathans in my save file just the one.

This happened to me too with a Tremorback. I got a Brakie pretty early on in a gold egg, and so when I got the recipe to combine Brakitorus with Thunderback I did, and now I have the two of them as well as an A rank Tremorback on PvP. My two starters did go down to E rank though.

This is only for PVP

Basically, the PVP allows you to pick the highest evolution of each family of Arkadions that you have collected. So it’s not actually in your single player party but you can use in PVP.


Absolutely. Thanks for clarifying it for me. I just wanted to be sure.