PVP Bug Reports!


When you use a 1TU Move, the opponent monster also goes down by 1 sec (to 1sec) meaning both the opponent monster and your monster are now on 1sec, and then a tiebreaker decides who should go first.


Thanks for your reply. I think it’s happened to me when they had 3 sec as well, but can’t confirm that now.

Can you please consider changing that part of the design?. If it ever goes down to a tie breaker than the user that has the initial move should be given priority. That way the user in control of the situation stays in control. It makes more sense that way.

Another situation that I think should be changed is the way priority is given when a roaring entrance monster enters the field at the same time a stun converting monster gets stunned.

I don’t think it’s balanced from a gaming perspective that the roaring entrance monster always gets the priority. I think it should be the user that dictated when the roaring entrance monster enters should get the priority.

Eg… Player B kills a stun revenge monster while having a stun converting monster on his side of the field. Allowing a roaring entrance monster to enter from the opposing team. Player B should get the move.

On the other hand if player A canabalises a stun revenge monster n order to bring in his roaring entrance monster, then Player A should have priority even if the other team has a stun converter on the field.

This isn’t a huge deal But I think the user that dictated events should get priority in a tie break situation. Although with roaring entrance it seems like they get priority regardless.

I’m guessing you guys designed it that way because the roaring monster’s effect resolves last. Could be fair enough the way it is. I’m just believe that people who put themselves in a controlling situation deserve to keep control.


Shields are bugged. Especially with Dusicyon. It’s always the same “issue”. When he’s taken off the field, he gives the next mon that steps in a shield.

This can’t be right?

In this case I killed him with another mon at the same time, two new ones stepped in and had a shield for whatever reason. Cost me the game. Very annoying.


I’m pretty sure this happens when you kill Dusicyon at the same time as other monsters. The game will do something like count them as being killed one at a time so some of the new monsters will enter while the dead monsters are still considered on the field. Dusicyon will never give a shield to the monster that comes into the battlefield in its place.

I agree it’s annoying and feels a bit buggy. It would be much more intuitive if all monsters are considered dead as soon as you do the final hit on them.


“Shouldn’t” be but was so in this case. Dusicyon and another mon died. Two new came onto the field and BOTH had a shield. I was very irritated about that.

Yes, that would be best - if they are dead, they are dead. Same issue with Aurodragon. He still “revives” the last killed mon if he gets taken out with another one. Shouldn’t also be in my opinion.


With Aurodragon that makes a little more sense because Auro is there while the teammate is dying. It also makes Auro a lot more viable because to get around it properly you must kill it alone before killing anything else.


He’s viable enough already and hard to kill if set up correctly. So that extra “revive” is an additional pain in the butt.


Any news about the revival bug i reported? I killed the earth se protector but what i revived was cobra…

  1. Exactly that is written in the description. Of course he gave shield to next monster after dying. Read properly @DarKsidE555 and @Killerdog. It’s not bugged at all. It’s designed as it is described.

  2. Another issue which was already mentioned. I played around 70 games in past 5 days . I have recognized that malwing is still putting the converter/counter to sleep in like 4 out of 5 cases. For nulltron I have watched it every time which was really frustrating. I mean having bad luck might be sometimes the case but if this occurs everytime there is definitely something wrong about the mechanics. I didn’t face the croc that much. Can’t say it’s just a malwing issue or a general passive issue

  3. I am not sure about this. Gazer or how the monster is called which is lowering the cool down of allied monsters helps saving poisoned monster on hg from dying. This was heavily abused by one player I have faced. I don’t know if it supposed to be like that. Up to you devs to judge about had @Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC


I don’t have him so I couldn’t check the description. I looked it up now. Ok, my bad. Still, I think it shouldn’t be like that. He’s already very annoying to deal with and this is just the icing on the cake that he gives shields to new entered mons after he dies along with a teammate.


I agree. Doesn’t make sense he gives a shield to the next monster as he is dying.


I told you already that the passive describes that case already. I don’t know why you think it’s a bug . Unfortunately it’s in German but you can check that on your version as well

You are not the devs about telling what it should be and what not. It’s clearly no bug and so far wrong here to complain about. You can open a nerf thread and discuss it there. That’s up to you


I don’t think it’s a bug. Can’t read your language either.


Currently facing a connection issue on PvP where I get every time back to lobby after getting matched. Played before several matches without any problems and a restart didn’t help…anybody else have this issue ?


@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

Pumpking isn’t affected by toxic killer, at least from chrome :frowning:


Mine was oneshot by chromera in the new weekly battles. Are you sure you didn’t mistakely click chrono killer instead of toxic killer? I had such mistakes a lot of times.


It’s deff bugged


i have killed lots of pumkings with chrome :open_mouth:


The move is 100% bugged


I am getting random disconnects in the past 2 hours while fighting and I can’t reconnect. Playing throughout Wi-Fi so it’s not an internet issue. Anyone else experiencing these server issues ?