PVP Bug Reports!


There is a random amount of speed added to the monsters when determining placement. Don’t know the range on it though.


Up to 2 seconds is random


Well then its either a bug or potion mechanics are crazy


I keep getting a version of bug number 8 with Tridrakhan - everytime I click Poison Eater it skips says I “ran out of time” instead. :frowning:


this … very frustrating i met the same opponent i lost to , finally about to beat him for revenge and game freezes.


Not sure if this is by design. But when a double skill is executed on two monsters, both monsters suffer critical damage as long as one of the two monsters has the required met such as poison, made a kill, etc.

I would have thought something like double poison eater would only deal critical damage to the monster that is poisoned and do minimum damage to the other non-poisoned monster.


The way it works is that it does increasing damage depending on how many are poisoned. If one target is poisoned it does like 3-4K damage which is a slightly unreliable kill, but with both poisoned it’s basically a guaranteed ko.


Oic. Interesting way to calculate damage. Most monsters have around <4K HP. So it is more or less guaranteed to KO both.


just had a match where the other dude was lagging so bad i couldn’t see any of the skills he casted until 2-3 turns afterwords like seriously if they are lagging this bad give them a loss after 2-3 turns its really horrible i can’t see who is slept or poisoned or anything.


PVP bug
just a moment ago,when i won,it apear 2 Rockoids,click,it says:Defeat.then i lost the game!


Opposing player gets angry and disconnects the game in a way that it freezes on my end. Doesn’t matter if it’s my turn or theirs. I don’t get the Victory (which I don’t get many these days). Two times in a row this morning. The players are HOSE and KEENGN. How are they disconnecting from the game to make this happen? Usually if you quit or exit the app, the other player gets the win. If someone knows how this is happening let the devs know so many they can fix this. Maybe there should be sometype of PING button to check if the opposing player is still there and wake up the app. Kind of sick of the few wins I get now are not victories.


Yeah, that’s understandably frusturating.


Clearly something is VERY wrong with this pvp. Devs should throw out a quick patch and just start the exhibition over tbh.


Match Making… The opponent’s are way too higher than us


Everytime I kill auroradragon with double poison eater with bane my game freezes. The animation still works but aurora remains frozen the 4th spot from my opponent remains empty. Nothing happen anymore. I need to restart my app and within this time my next turn will be skipped since it takes 1 min to reconnect. This happened me twice within 3 games. It’s Ultra annoying especially when you are about to win and lose because of such bugs


Pvp just freezes mid battle sometimes. Forces me to restart my app and gives me a loss.

Happened 7 times already in 2 days


First of all the servers seem to be running quite smoothly atm, thanks for that.
However, I fell victim to a strange bug. Whenever my Lordsreign used overwatch and the enemy had a Valzareign coming up next, using double poison touch, my game freezes. Needless to say, that I received a loss afterwards.
Experienced this bug 3 times already, two times today during the ranked PVP, making it extremely annoying as I would have won those matches most likely. It has always been the same situation as mentioned above.


Moosgoliath - protect team. So far so good. Freezecobra doesn‘t give a damn. Kills another mon because it can. I mean it’s not like protect team is a skill againts single attacks…right?

Because of that, lost the match. Good job? :man_shrugging: I mean what the?!


It’s my turn and the enemy’s next monster is 2sec TU away from having their turn. I’ve got instant slayer bane charged a move that is 1 TU. I use it against another monster thinking I will have a 1 sec advantage before that monster gets his turn.

Well for some reason I get pushed behind and lose my turn.


I sec moves actually mean 2 seconds or 3