Problem with Capture %

So basically I’ve been playing since the game started. I was second on game centre to achieve 100%. But then something strange happened every monster I capture now. Adds % to it.

I’ve become number one on the leader board with 107%

Is this a glitch or?

It’s not a glitch.

As your highest level grows, it adds % to your capture rate. But of course it caps at lvl 99, so y’all needn’t worry. ^^

The 107% is because you have some egg-exclusive arkadions. The 100% only includes things catchable/fusable currently in game. If you have, say, Subzeratops, and you also have all possible in-game arkadions, it will go over 100%.

Oh so that explains how Blix can have 157% capture on gamecenter :stuck_out_tongue:

Only thing is now that I’m over 100% my score doesn’t show up on Game Center unless I close the game from multi tasking and open the game back up and click Game Center within the game.

The highest score shown is 100%.

Just ignore what Game Center says.

They don’t register anything over 100, so I really wouldn’t worry about it