Completion percentage

For some reason my completion percentage is above 100% I’ve caught every arkadion except for three of the for starters, Anubis, and a bunch of the other bonus arks. I’ve also made every recipe besides dread wolf, thunder back and once again the bonus arkadions. Does this mean that completion percentage is based on the total number of arkadions that are supposed to be normally attainable in the game?

This could possibly result from having egg-exclusive monsters. I’m not exactly sure, but it seems there’s more of a fixed number increase in percentage when you get a new monster. It doesn’t seem to be literally a percentage of all monsters in the game.

That’s what seems to be the case. I don’t want to look like a hacker or a cheater so I’d prefer to just have it set to 100%. Although I will admit it’s pretty cool being on top of the leader boards for completion percentage (:

Well theres 100% for all non eggs monsters and om monsters but for each one of them it goes over 100%

I think alot of players are above 100%

Im at 126% have all catchables and quite a few egg exclusives
Sorry 121%

Also moving this topic to FAQ - objective game related questions should be asked there. (Missed this earlier).

Im at 116% i believe