What I’ve seen so far,

Attacking moves:
Step Back (Like retreat but just one mon behind)
Megaflux Dual

Nightmare’s Grip 100 TU (Not sure what it does but it reduced my ultimadragon to 1hp without waking it up)

Passive moves:
Dreamy Entrance (Puts one random mon to sleep)

As far as i can tell nightmares grip is basically dream hunt but it doesn’t wake them up when you use it. It doesn’t always kill cause I’ve survived hits from it without hold ground, so it’s probably similar in power.

My Ultimadragon was quite low on hp when it was used, and it didn’t die. That’s how I came to the conclusion about it’s effect.

Is there a limit of 1 per battle? Polareon only used it once on my sleeping monster then went to targeting another.

Bloodthirst. The last move is bloodthirst.

At least I think it is. That is one of the moves I used right before its turn, though. The mve feed coupd have hiccuped.

Doesn’t seem like a good legendary even if it has bloodthirst, given that it needs Step Back to be somewhat effective. It’s more like a support mon for sleep teams which has mons with Send Back.

It’s not the best legendary the super epic version will just be as good and will take up less space plus if you get tier one of will be a +9

But that stepback move, that’s a LOT of pressure on a team. It will practically force at least 1 or 2 protector type of monsters just in case the purification monsters get incapacitated.

From what I can see, Step Back can only be used once per match.

Has Nightmare’s Grip, when used, finished off anyone’s monster? I’m getting the impression that Nightmare’s Grip always leaves the enemy with 1 hp. 

if that’s true then the grip will be beneficial for farming crystalmouths.

I think the step back move is a welcome compromise to send back where you can ultimately sacrifice a monster if you’re not careful or it will come into play way too late to be effective.


If anyone wanted the info.

Bloodcrave! That’s awesome.