Anyone plays this ? If so , anyone hype for v3 ?


I played this but They were always shut down after a half year and then a similiar site was made with the Same thing, so i get bored for doing this

Lol what you talking about ? PV never got shut down because i okay it since 08 till not sorta of ,. Only website that got shut down was pokemoncrator xD

Yeah that was kinda the same thing

Well yea it is the same thing actually blbut pokemoncrator is better

Vortex is ehh…Played TPPC, but left because things were going downhill…lol. Community was dying, rates were screwy…Blah blah blah.

I liked the concept of a storyline that TPM had…

Voyage is good, but people are too busy with school.

…pkmn crater was the bomb, yo.

Hell yea pokemoncrator was naaa is the best idc idc lol … But pokemonvortex v3 is going to ve really goood when they release i can post some beta pics :slight_smile:

Its too easy to get the shinies and thats not fun :frowning: Yeah I like shinies because they are like my precious ALPHA’s :frowning: