Poisoning renders revenge useless

When some monsters are poisoned their revenge skill doesn’t work when they die, yet with other monsters (usually on the opposing team) their revenge skill works fine even when poisoned and killed. I’ve just lost two rounds of survival of the fittest to the same opponent due to this.

Using strategies that rely on monster revenge is pointless for my team when poisoned yet the team I’m fighting seems to not be effected by the same issue so my strategy to utilise this lack of revenge skill from poisoned enemies for my advantage (i.e. not being stunned) clearly fails.

I did send a email to support but no response yet.

Poison does not trigger revenge skills, because the poison does not count as a monster of your or your opponent’s side, it is an external factor, a third party per se.
Otherwise you could just poison yourself to death to exploit your revenge skills on your opponnents. For example with a Bane entering into a couple of Hold Ground mons.
I have never seen poison trigger these effects and I believe you just misunderstood something, I don’t think poison actually triggered a revenge effect, maybe if you could explain in detail, what exactly happened, then we could figure out, why the revenge effects triggered.

If you kill a poisoned mon with another attack, the effect obviously still triggers, because YOU killed it, not the poison. But if a monster dies by a poison tick, for example you attack a mon to Hold Ground state and then the poison does the last 1 HP damage, then you did not kill it, the poison did.

Never said poison triggered it as a standard thing to trigger revenge skill.

I’m talking about monsters dying by poison. I frequently end up dying of poison and my revenge skills don’t trigger. Yet other monsters on the opposition still have revenge skills triggered despite dying of poison. Either all monsters who died of poisoning should have revenge skills not occur or all monsters who died of poisoning should still use revenge skills. It shouldn’t be a one rule for your team and one rule for the opposite team (AI).

I.e monster 1 on my team dies of poisoning. Their revenge skill doesn’t work.

Monster 1 on opposing AI team dies of poisoning. Their revenge skill still works.

It makes it difficult to pre determine a strategy where poisoning is involved.

And I am telling you I have never ever seen a revenge effect being triggered from poison. Never.
You must be mistaken in some way, hence I asked you to explain a situation where you think, it triggered a revenge passive and we can analyse, what happened.

I’ve explained best I can. See edit post.

I meant give us a detailed descpription of what exactly happened.
All 8 monsters on the field, what skills were used prior to that and so on.
I think, you just misinterpreted something and the revenge was not triggered by the poison, but by something else.
Like I said, I have never seen poison trigger a revenge passive. If you encounter it again, then please give a thorough explanation of the situation and then we can analyse, if it really was the poison, that triggered it.
This game has alot of mons with alot of skills and passives and sometimes it is really easy to misinterpret something.

Also, Poison Eater is not “poison” per se, it is an Attack. If you kill something with Poison Eater, for example Astrodragon/Cosmodragon, who has no Hold Ground, then you kill it with your ATTACK Poison Eater.
So Death Revenge triggers.
If you attack for example Redkong with Poison Eater and damage it to its Hold Ground state and THEN the poison tick (the damage over time) kills it with 1 damage, then you did not kill it, the poison did, so NO stun revenge will be triggered,
You have to differentiate between you killing it or your poison killing it with a time based damage tick.
This is also important for other skills, that get stronger, when you kill. For example Bloodcrave. If you attack a poisoned mon to Hold Ground and then a poison tick kills it, then you did not kill it, your Bloodcrave won’t be critical next turn. If you kill a monster, that has no Hold Ground or is already at Hold Ground state directly yourself, without a poison tick, then you did kill it and Bloodcrave will be critical starting next turn.

Well I gave a example in previous post. I encoutered it in that special event which you get a reward every so many kills. I forget the name but it ends on 30th I think.

I’m fully aware of damage by me vs poison. And as I keep saying. They died of poisoning. Not by monster attack.