Pls help URGENT :(

I need to know if it is possible to change the recovery code of my urgent account, I lent the account to a very close friend of mine but he does not stop restoring and removing me from the games… Please I don’t want to lose my account, I’ve been with it since the 5th anniversary :frowning: please help some dev

He sounds like a very close friend of yours


Literally almost a brother, we go to the gym together in fact, but I think he went too far with this

are you DMG Destroyer? i think you’re a bit too late if so…

btw you sort of just admitted to account sharing during ranked. voluntary or otherwise

Maybe you intimidated him @INTIMIDATOR


I’m not from the dmg team, and I lent it to you because lately. or had I been able to play because of the connection :frowning:

wait wut? lol? u didn’t lend anything to me as far as i know.
translation problem XD

The game very clearly says you should not share your transfer number. If you do it, deal with the problem yourself. It sounds like what you need to sort out is your friendship, not bother the Devs with your mistake.

Sorry to be so blunt, but you literally said you go to the gym with this guy. It makes far more sense for you to handle it yourself


Next thing he will do is delete all your legends & mythic so good luck…


If I were you, I would non publicly contact the support, add proof of purchase (Google Play receipts or Apple receipts) and ask them kindly for help due to account abuse.

Did that happen to someone you know @recakun ?


lmfao I understand that

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Nope… but its the worst thing that can happen to your account

Support can do nothing about it… I have already tried asking them before if they can change our codes… they cant do it so its better to just say goodbye to an account if somebody else know its code

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Do you want to know the 100% foolproof way of protecting your account from this?

Delete the monsters yourself? Hahahaha

I’m being serious @recakun

There is a secret technique the truly elite neo players use that keep this sort of thing from ever happening

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No idea since im not an elite neo player