Please fix balancions trials timer

This event used to allow you to complete multiple trials at once after they had unlocked. Now if you don’t play the trials every day as they unlock you can’t get the final reward because you can never catch up.

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That happens i won’t be able to get the SE

When they originally released this event the new battles would unlock every 24 hours after you did one. It was INCREDIBLY awkward! Let’s say you play it at 7am UTC the first day and do all five battles. Next day you can do the battles from 7am onwards. Let’s say you do them at 11am on the second day. Third day you can only start from 11am onwards. Basically, you had to log in and do the battles at the same time each day otherwise you would get the time pushed too far and you’d miss a day.

After that they changed it so whatever time you did the day 1 battles was the time the later battles would unlock each day (if you did it at 8am then at 8am every day would be the unlock time).

Then they changed it so you could catch up on all the days you had missed, with the time they unlock based on the first battle you do (like the previous time). This caused lots of players to simply not bother doing them for a while and periodically catch up on the battles. This is not how the event was intended to be played.

Now we’ve gone back to the original concept but how it always should’ve been… each day unlocks on a preset timer that doesn’t change: 6am UTC. It means we need to play it each day. Not a huge ordeal considering it is only 5 battles but I can understand why people prefer the previous setup.

To be honest I think it works well as it is now. However, the event should last 12 days instead of 10 so people can skip logging in on up to 3 days over the duration and still complete it.


Actually , letting us do all battles at once when they are unlocked is better . Most people would agree as well


Add in a freakin timer!



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I just don’t understand the purpose behind locking someone out of the event if they run out of tickets that day, forget to play the event, or simply can’t play that day, for whatever reason. For me, I fell asleep with 4 out of 5 battles completed. I woke up the next day and completed the battle, only to be told I couldn’t start the next series of battles until 24 hours later. Each battle should unlock every day at 6 and stay unlocked.

I once forget to grab my reward from a day and I was locked out for more than a day. That was annoying af :joy: i still manage to finish the event but either they should extend even duration or give back the option to catch up on days