Petition bring back Serazeal

The title says it all.

I stupidly missed out on frost… I’d like to see him return :slight_smile:

Itll very likely be back, I mean, so far geowolf, cryo and blitzdragon has returned :slight_smile:

I want tem all someway. I didn’t get te chance :slight_smile:

And x2 Cryptomids not Omegamids Q_Q

Robinator too

Don’t forget about Atlanteon.  :slight_smile:

My wishlist…

Well it’s quite Likely all the event exclusives will Return just give it time for me I’m
Hoping for frost or abyss I over pot my abyss need a new one :yum:

I imagine that Gearcroc would be next

Caniswyrm should be up next, then Gearcroc then Atlanteon then Serazael as I recall. Although shino came before blitz the first time around, and after him in sotf, so it would seem they’ve developed priorities.

So, the list went something like this-

OL Gaiawolf; TT Shinobidragon; OL Blitzdragon; UC Cryogolem; TT Caniswyrm; UC Gearcroc; DC Atlanteon; UC Serazael; DC Abyssraider; UC Robinator, that’s about all I can recall. I’m highly uncertain about where exactly the DC monsters stand, if someone could refresh my memory.

OL- Online League  TT- Tower Tournament  UC- Ultimate Challenge  DC- Dungeon Challenge


Well no, chimeraxus is magmaraptor’s clone, so there’s not a whole lot of reason to bring him back.

Chimeraxis is just a collectors monster now but I’ll use him any day over magma raptor just for the kicks

So correct me if im wrong but they are not bringing back the monsters with a clone, then gear/caniswyrm/serazeal/abyss/robin and frost Are next, well i didnt put the rest cause probably no one cares of them by now lol

I miss out on Auto protc Gearcroc and Heal/Stun Atlanteon … would prefer this two though …

Antlateon can be hatched and has a holy type copy in the eggs, i really dont think he is coming back on SOFT. Gear will come next time or 2 times from now, i know cause im only missing him and caniwyrm

Din know that Antlateon can be hatch…hope i get him when i roll on me eggs next time…><"

Odd…I checked the Super Epic list on the egg, and I couldn’t find Atlan on it.

There isn’t Atlanteon itself. He mean Archseraph and Thordragon. They have same skills like Atlanteon but they are different element. Those two are in the eggs.

Oh, sorry as i have my antla +1 i thought it was a dupe from the egg. Either way there are 2 copies as shomy said so no need to bring him back