Party problem

Here’s my problem: I still have a few spare places in my Arkadion team that I’m trying to fill with more good Arks, but the empty spots won’t stop filling theirselves with bad Arks that I just leave in my reserve and when I put them back in the reserve, they automatically come back in my party. Anybody knows why ?

That’s just the game feature, nothing you can do about it. BUT, later on you’ll fill these free slots with good arks that you find and will be wishing for more. Well, you could technically delete all the benched arks but before you do that tell us your bad arks maybe they’re not so bad :slight_smile:

Okay, well I think I’ll keep them.

yeah you can’t take them off, any random arkadion will take an empty spot in your party don’t worry it’s not a glitch/bug its natural to have as many arks your party can hold :slight_smile:

I will tell you a story about a guy fighting omegawyrm.

Once upon a time, a guy was fighting omegawyrm. Argh, the horror! Think of all those bonus actions! 

He struggled to defeat the omegawyrm, but alas, the terrible dragon defeated all his amazing arkadions with just a sliver of health left!

But wait! What’s that he sees? It’s a bluechick - a spare bluechick he had accidentally caught during his farming!

He used the bluechick. The omegawyrm had too much TU to fight back! And the bluechick prevailed! The bluechick saved the entire battle!

the end

Moral of the story: Keep the reserves. They can help you.

Credit to: I don’t remember who it was. Slycrg?

P.S.: This was a true story I heard on chat, but made more dramatic.

Give that bluechick a medal! But true story, you can also use them as sacrifice lambs for your powerful monsters (whether to heal or do super damage) 

Indeed even if its a worthless arkadion , sometimes it can save ur life!

Aww, what a lovely story. Something like this happened to me too!