Open community chat?

Umm, the agreement was Fridays at noon, right? With Tyler and a few mods present as he explicity stated. So… where was everybody?


How depressing

So not chat today? No new information? If not then they need to start explaining whats going on… they said they would be more open and this is ridiculous.

I was busy so I couldn’t show up. It’s sad to hear the devs didn’t even show up. I think we, as a community, deserve some sort of communication from the devs

Hello everyone!
A missed chat is as much of a bummer for me as it is for all of you. I genuinely do look forward to them them just as much as a lot of you guys do. Unfortunately, we’ve been quite busy lately and as a result, other issues took precedence over the chat today.
With the drop of our latest update, a ton of pressure has been relieved for the dev team, but at the same time, a lot of discussion and debate has been sparked over the changes. So with that in mind, I will be on the chat most of tomorrow evening. Feel free to bring your questions and comments ready to rock.

PS: You can expect an overview of the latest update on our update thread, as well as some more in-depth info on our plans for the Secret skills.

when will the update be posted in the update thread? earlier the better so we can read it and come to the chat with more or less questions depending on how informative the post is.

Where is the update overview?

would like to join community chat but in my country it is freaking 2 am in the morning lol