Discord server!

After using the Line app for a while, I noticed that it has a lot of shortcomings when it comes to managing a community. As a result, I took the liberty of creating a discord server.

Due to the functionality of multiple chat channels in the server, we can have support for multiple languages.

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD If you guys want to join I’ll let you guys admin the server.

@ILAGaLOT @Lucrayzor @Killerdog I’m willing to make you guys mods as well if you guys want to join.

@SoL_Navelstan if you want to share it with the japanese playerbase then I have a japanese channel there too.


Okay, looks like something glitched and the invite expired even though I set it to not expire.

Hopefully this one works: https://discord.gg/bj2AWda


Could I please have the discord invite?


I would like to be invited as well if that still available


Yes it’s still available use the 2nd invite


I need an invite to

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Second link still works.

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yo tambien

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You need to cut discord and join the Line group


Hi Tan.

Hello :slight_smile:

Link is not working

Showing this

Can you access to the server?

Even the link I sent isn’t working?

Not working

This should work

First When I tried it also said that user is banned from this guild.Then I created a new gmail acc and tried with the new acc ; But still same.