Hell Mode (Where is it?)

So, I’ve been told that there’s a Hell Mode, but I’m unsure on where it is? I’ve defeated Maggatsuoh, I’ve beaten Delugazar, what else do I have to do to unlock it?

You have to pay 40 gems to Thale. Then it is unlocked.

Hahahaha. But on a serious note, do you know how to unlock it? I’ve been looking for it for the past 30 minutes, and IDK if I’m blind, or stupid. (maybe both) but I literally cannot find it.

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I have no idea tbh.

Hell Mode is only available in online story mode(chapters)if you completed chapter 8 you can play Hell Mode and it starts from ‘Chapter 2’,so go and check there @DMG_Axel

so if I press on anything in chapter 3, it should already be Hell mode?

So I just tried, and it didn’t work. :confused: idk what’s the problem

Sorry my mistake Hell Mode starts from ‘Chapter 2’

there’s a icon on the right side of screen

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Oooh!! thanks! I didn’t check 1-2 before. Found it now!