Online Mission Recommended Lv's?

What Lv monsters should I be using to be able to complete an online mission?
P.S if you know what Lv monsters appear on each floor please tell me. I really wanted to complete the Blue Horns mission but my monsters were too weak (lv 25-30)
Please Help  :lol:

My team is all 50+ with atleast 10 being 75+ and 2 being 99.

I would recommend aiming for 75+ levs to sustain throughout the dungeon or even higher. The monsters in the dungoen on the levs 14+ are max evolution and i would say are lev 60.

Dont waste your time on it at the moment, train for it.

This event will have mission eggs on at least most levels.

If you’re guys are only around level 30, you won’t be able to finish sure, but definitely do what you can. You could get alright things from the eggs you will receive. 30’s will get you through a bit. 

One useful advice I can give is this: Try and get Medallodious ASAP. Then what you can do is this:

Put him in the beginning of your team. When engaging in any fight look what the first 3 arks are on enemy team, also look at their general speed and then use ESCAPE. Change the other 2 monsters at the beginning that give you the best chance to kill their fastest arks (not necessarily all 3!) Then engage again, try and make it so after Medalodious turn its your monsters turn, you can do that by continiously escaping, it will randomly change order of attacks. At that point, SKIP your turn and let the other 2 monsters kill at least 1 of the 2 fastest arks. if done correctly, it will be your Metallodious’s turn again followed by enemy’s 3 ark. Take note of next 3 arks and use ESCAPE. Rinse, and repeat. You will gain alot less exp this way, but it’s very easy to climb floors using this method. 

It also takes 20 years to finish the mission.

Better than not being able to finish it at all. I’m only suggesting it for players in pool B (like myself) who haven’t been able to finish OM yet due to difficulty of monsters on higher floors. It doesn’t take much longer at all actually, since the enemy arks never get to attack.