One year aniversary expectations

Hey guys, today i started thinking in what else are devs going to release in oct 22. This is what i think they will do gems, many free gems
2.a event that can be completed by everyone and gives a good monster as a reward
3.Chapter 7 in the online story special missions, such as money, fruits, ingredients first one

PS: i didnt add what is already confirmed

why should we be getting free gems and free money fruits etc ?

The same reason why they should nerf chronox

Because gems, money, and fruits are OP.

I think they will give free gems, chapter 7, and competitive pvp event.

Anniversary egg: +2 on every dupe instead of +1

What has been confirmed? 

The chance to roll for GOLDTAIL. Thats really what i want… :triumph:

100% chance to get legends from rare eggs

Not happening.

… I hope they do something to the rare eggs since I’m saving my rare gems for it. Come on dev, don’t disappoint me :slight_smile:

very unlikely since the 40 % is already boosted for a limited time.

Exactly, 20% legend rare egg and more dups on roll comin