OM problem

First of all sorry for my bad english - it is not my native Language :wink:

It is not possible for me to finish the online Mission, and I dont know how to improve my Chance.
I have a Positionmark at the 24th Floor and when I reach the 28th Floor nothing is left, just my last Don Penguini…

How do you get there and rush through the OM in no Time?

Is it because of OM Arks you have already - strong Dragons that dont show um for me, no matter how hard I try?..

I have all Arks - all Semi Rare encluded - all Lv 99 -

Would be thankfull for Dome advice


Use all shadow lances, shadow ocarina
Haven’t been the 1st one percent yet but should got all my shadow lances trained

I get all my first OM monsters with 6-8 plasmorex’s and 4-5 shadowlance’s and the shadow ocarina (and few healers). I play with 2 plasmo in front with 1 shadowlance and it’s worked great.

5 plasmos,5shadowlances,shadow ocarina, and dragons

Once you hit the last checkpoint, it’s less than five seconds total to go back to town, heal and then re-enter the dungeon.  I did that for a few missions before going the shadow route as well.

I personally use 25 shadow lances. 1 plasmo, necrodrake, omegawyrm the thunder back and the other starter fusion and don penguini. Hoping to be in the first percent this next OM because I despise losing PVP matches. I really want a stun ark like stego. In my opinion shadowlances are extremely easy to get compared to plasmorex

They r probably the same if u think about it, skullrex is rare/frostjack is rare. Plasmo is common/skull wraith is common

That’s gross

Lol I use around 30 Plasmorex and 20 Shadowlances…  :rolleyes:

Still gross

Deadpool, you make me laugh!!! I couldn’t agree more

I use over 30 Frillzeons… Lol

So in what city do you buy the shadow ocarina??


Next event will be less challenging!

What’s gross is having a gold ocarina with all the best 1 of each using and not being able to be 1st percentile or getting past 60 in infinite dungeon!!! x) atleast my opinion. I only use these because it works. I only have 2 OM arks
Let y’all know if I am 1st percentile this next OM ;:wink:

I only make it to level 74 in dungeon. I have the gold ocarina but my arks are all random, have no strategy