Online Missions

I’m having trouble on OMs. Can somebody tell me what my team should look like as far as levels.

Err…any strong AoE monsters like Dread or Omega are great.
Monsters around 50+ work.
I dont recommend glass cannons,or suicide monsters,Tanky attackers work great.

You can use the shadow method, it’s working great for beginner.

Shadow method: farm 7-8 plasmorex, and pair them with few shadowlance (4-5) and sure don’t forget to use the shadow ocarina (you can buy it in Takran if I remember well).

When I started, I used to use 2 plasmorex with 1 shadowlances in front, with few healers (like angelon-halopard {5-6 healers}) to get every OM monter in time ! :wink:

Ask me if you want more information/tips about this.

whats a glass cannon?

Something that does lots of damage but dies if it gets hit really easily. Often in one shot.

Thanks guys because I usually get to the 19 floor and I’m done. What level do you reccomend the plasmorex and shadowlance