OM arks

Are the OM arks going to be added into the golden eggs after the season has finished? I think I have seen subzeratops and Meowzard as available in there already…

Yeah they will be available after the season but I dont know if its in golden eggs or wild or another mission or whatever haha

I honestly hope they won’t be available through gold eggs… 

I would much rather see them become rare’s that have to be farmed for then in eggs.

Yeah because else the timers will be in an adventage

Slight misunderstanding here. Subzeratops and Meowzard were not added to the golden eggs after the OM. Meowzard has been in the gold eggs since the beginning, and Subzeratops was in the golden eggs before it became an OM. Actually, a few of the current “egg monsters” will probably become OM in the future…probably.

And I highly…HIGHLY doubt that they ever would be added. Imagine…an army of 15 Lavagant, 20 Cryowyrm, 10 Destructor, 10 Triphoon, etc…*faints

They need to be available through the infinite dungeon after defeating exponentially more powerful bosses.  At any rate they should be available to anyone that plays the game even if its a real world purchase.

or make them very hard to farm or very hard to level up or a monster you have to level up before you can pvp instead of straight to 75

it’s “rarity” can be luck based like an updated egg wheel, or a slot machine type wheel where you need to get 3 in a row. Or work based “very rare hard to farm”

Realistically how many people can time eggs? It would make it an alternative for people who don’t want to put hours into farming. Farming can be such a grind, and sometimes that ruins the experience a bit, I’d rather throw a bit of money at some gold and support the devs than just spend my time endlessly farming for the new arks. I like the idea of defeating bosses to get a chance to win them, would add more gameplay as well. Hopefully they won’t have the same rarity as the starters/dragons when they are released in the wild.

Just some thoughts on it all


Only the twelve star pieces should be ranked as low as the hatchlings/starters (such as cryowyrm and destructor and their pieces) mostly because of how powerful they are