Oh well

So today is my birthday and I was wondering if has a gift @DMGInterference can let me enter to Discord again(another chance cmon I wanna see ADM Hiroki’s resent post in NSFW(did I write ok? Basement

Also I will like a happy birthday from u @EMI_PurpleHeart my love


You just had 2 opening brackets without closing them (and not being a smiley) and that’s a massive syntax error for computers like me so I couldn’t read this :exploding_head:

Happy birthday! @pREM @DMGInterference @BVN_03 I think there should be a poll on the discord to decide if loki should be let back in. majority rules!


Dude wtf😂 I did notice but since I only have one hand I was lazy to edit lol

Thx my duckie :pleading_face:

Bruh u just screw all , I was asking for a 100% thing , now is just probablities, hope ppl likes me more than hate lol

They do just say yes , well the problem is if u lose then…

btw simping for women on the internet is cringe. imagine if it was @Pride :skull:


I will enter sneaky again lol :joy:

It definitely is , somehow I do simp for her but most of the times I’m busy joking around but ppl seem don’t understand (don’t tell her)

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I rolled a single for your birthday and awakened my Satomi @iCarly


Idk if u should say happy birthday or I should say congrats lol anyway I hatch one and got the dino SE +8 lol


No ■■■■ you


This is like my best birthday ever! Thx lover

No simping and I can put forward the idea…

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I will vote yes for you @iCarly , i know you cant change your behavior, but choose with who to be mean and with who you dont to avoid problem , some people tolerate it and others dont


Lokeydeeznuts do be kinda sus, be more discreet next time

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I never liked being discreet, I’m just gonna say that I win GTA San Andreas (again) and I kill all in Mad Dogg Mansion and Navy shiip with an Ak47

What u did with the thread @Killerdog ? And why ignore @DMGInterference ppl want me

Coño felicidades :partying_face:

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@iCarly youre not a real weeb if you like 3D girls, Lucifelle will f u up in ur sleep.