What Is the Point of buying the different Ocarina’s like the Speed and Fire ones? 

As the name says so I remember they give a boost to the element u bought

They not only boost elements, but stats as well. They can also let you bring more arkadions into battle, so it can’t hurt get them.

My favorite ocarina is called “Gold Ocarina.” It gives you a very powerful boost, but ocarinas can’t affect PvP. So keep that in mind. ^^

Some Ocarina’s has special effects. Those that do has a " + " sign next to them that will describe what they do.

However the elemental ocarinas do boost a element, but they decrease others too. Depends on the ocarina. And yes it is worth buying. I bought the ocarinas I wanted and I still got a bunch of silver :expressionless:

I would buy an elemental if you noticed you tend to use a lot of monsters that are one specific element.  For example if I use a lot of fire monsters, I would get the fire Ocarina.

The best one is the gold orcarina hands down