Hello, I introduce myself, I am NPL KING POISON, leader of the NPL clan, we are relatively new, that we are former members of EON, almost all of the members are Cuban, we do not post in the forum because we do not have experience in the matter I just wanted to say hello and say about a publication that I saw that if we actively recruit and we are currently 23 members


Can I join I don’t speak Cuban thoo

bro write me at WhatsApp +5359104331

Can’t we use discord

bro the issue is that almost all clans use WhatsApp to communicate also from what I see you do not speak Spanish

Then how tf u speak that language all the time in the forum

Well If it were any other app i would have copy pasta it in translater

Oh :v

Bro, I speak Portuguese and Italian and without offending, I think that the languages ​​that I speak or not are not of your interest.