Noxdragon ls it useful?

free legendary pvp and story ls it useful?

noxdragon is really useful if you have a good dark type team

Yes. The low TU bloodthirst can be really good in PvE events

He’s only as good as your dark type roster is able to be. Kind of unfortunate that he’s so overly dependent on being surrounded by fellow dark types, but considering it’s a free legend, still not bad at all.

Considering that the game gives you a few potent dark types at the beginning of the game (Morselmon, Demontoad, Twighoul) it’s possible for a new player to make a decent LINK Shadow team.

I think Nox will be good in FL with Scyberithe, Toad, and Ankoudragon yeah?

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I think they should buff Noxdragon.
He’s a decent mon and deserves a bit more really plus he does take some commitment to finally capture

Na I think he’s fine. He’s lethal in a dark team. Chronozeros the other free legend could do with a buff.

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