How can I set my preferences to email any forum notifications to me? I don’t think it should be based on my incompatible browser (safari). Thanks

I’m also looking for a clan. Thanks

Preferences -> email -> click the tick boxes you want.

You will need to have an email linked with your account first. You will also need to set your notification preferences to give you notifications for the things you want (I think).

Here are my preferences as an example:

Congratulations you just showed everyone your email and name

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But you’re right. I can’t find that either.

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It’s actually account -> email, not or preferences -> email

Hey I just deleted your post so that others don’t see your email. I don’t mind sharing my own but just wanted to make sure you don’t share yours unless you’re certain.

Yes sorry for not being clear. On the left you have “preferences” selected then you need to do the drop down on the right and select the subsection. In there you will find “email”, “notifications”, etc.

press activity then go down to preference then go across to all and change to email
Sadly my pics out of order

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And I thought I would’ve already tried that. Turns out I didn’t. Thanks!

Estoy en un clan es español si quiere deja tu número de whats